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DOWNLOAD: New Internet Newsletter for Lawyers

Blended LearningThe latest issue of the Internet Newsletter for Lawyers is now published here >>

In this issue

  • Developing People – Allan Carton of Inpractice UK explains how firms can introduce more effective training using e-learning tools and blended learning
  • Marketing – Susan Hallam of Hallam Internet tells us about the recent changes to Google AdWords results
  • Workplace – Chris Bryden and Michael Salter analyse the “snoopers’ charter” regarding employee communications
  • ODR – Graham Ross of Modria alerts us to the new ADR regulations being ignored by online retailers
  • Office applications – Alex Heshmaty of Legal Words explains how Google Apps for Work can benefit office productivity
  • Legal practice – Delia Venables considers the emergence of the new breed of “dispersed” law firms
  • Social media – Nick Holmes walks us through how Twitter works

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Need CPD? – Details of the new Internet for Lawyers CPD 2016 competence courses are now online.

Business Performance Research: Assessing how treatment of employees at work impacts on business results.

Employee EngagementTo what extent and in which areas are the people undertaking that work being appropriately recognised, engaged and supported to ensure the success of new strategies, projects and initiatives?  What impact does – good and bad – treatment have on results?  Does it really matter? Can the returns be quantified to justify investment of £x or y hours in getting the balance right? Everything is a balance!

Complete this confidential 10-15 minute survey to find out how you, your legal practice and the rest of the legal sector fare on “Organisational Justice” that could impact on performance.  

The questionnaire highlights where lawyers can drive both high and low “Organisational Justice”, which is connected to many behaviours that affect the bottom line, e.g. retention, absenteeism, reduction in productivity, counter productive work behaviours etc.

The Objective of this Research:  Since the 2007 recession and the introduction of ABSs, law firms have been undertaking change.  Amanda Galley is exploring an emerging gap that could hinder their hard work.  Whilst law firms are working hard to change their structure, strategy and systems/processes (new IT systems, project management roles, pricing models etc), there is a fundamental element – the people undertaking the work – where lawyers may need to be pay more attention. The results of this research will help the legal profession to understand this potential gap.

Organisational Justice: is about our perceptions of whether we are treated fairly in the workplace and how those perceptions drive our actions.  The impact could be a positive or negative change in our behaviour; or it could even encourage us to leave or stay at our place of work.  A brief explanation of the three separate constructs within “Organisational Justice” is given within each section as you complete the questionnaire.

Confidentiality:  You will NOT be asked for names or firm names.  There are a few demographic questions at the end of the survey but just generic questions, nothing that can be traced back to anyone.

Who should complete the survey Please only complete this questionnaire if you work or have worked in the legal profession.  As well as employees, Partners and Owners are also encouraged to participate.  Partners and owners – you should still please answer from your own viewpoint, even though some sections are asking about ‘partners and owners’

For more information. email Amanda Galley at

WildHearts – The Red Nose of the Business World.

Wild Hearts - Business for GoodYou’ve seen a lot about Red Nose day, but do you know about WildHearts, an international initiative to help people in business raise money for a great cause in the developing world; specifically to support women and their families to lift themselves out of poverty.  Check out the many videos to see how this works in practice.  Then contact WildHearts to see how you can get your people involved in November this year … for starters.

Motivate your people to discover their ability to innovate.

Micro-Tyco is Just one of their Wild Heart initiatives that has run since 2010.  A challenge to raise money for good causes across the world, that you and your employees could enjoy taking part in, whatever size your business.  Deloitte, Pinsents and CapGemini are some of the larger professional practices taking part, but this can motivate, inspire and reward people at any law firm.  Getting involved will help your people to discover, apply and develop their skills and ability to innovate, raising a lot of money for some exceptional causes.

Get involved now to be ready for the next challenge to be launched in November 2015.

Micro-Tyco is an award-winning talent development programme that has been adopted by many schools and businesses – including law firms like Pinsents, Harper McLeod and Linklaters – to enable their employees to develop and demonstrate their ability to innovate, with the money raised then invested in microfinance projects in the developing world, helping to lift thousands of female entrepreneurs and their families out of poverty.

Contact Charlie Thornton: or call +44 (0)7792 185754

Micro-Tyco has been so successful that it has been adopted as a compulsory part of graduate training for multi-nationals such as Wood Group, RBS and Capgemini; also used by Deloitte as a talent identification strategy in UK universities and many companies like Clydesdale Bank, British Gas and NG Bailey use Micro-Tyco as an executive development programme.

What is Micro-Tyco?

The Task:  It is deceptively simple –  teams of up to 5 people receive £1 on taking up the challenge on 1st February and 1st November each year.  They then have 30 days to do whatever they can to turn that £1 into as much money as possible.

The Motivation:  All the money created invested in micro-finance projects around the world, to empower female entrepreneurs and help them lift their families out of poverty.

The Results:  Micro-Tyco unleashes a participant’s latent talents, fostering essential entrepreneurial thinking, resourcefulness and team work.  To help participants develop and grow their pound further, teams receive world class business training via video from the Micro-Tyco Mentors, including Sir Tom Hunter and Lord Digby Jones and are given access to online learning resources to help support them on their entrepreneurial journey.

Over the last three years, over 22,000 participants have been inspired to learn the latest entrepreneurial thinking via the multi-award winning professional development programme Micro-Tyco. Endorsed by Babson College, the world’s number one school for entrepreneurship,

Micro-Tyco has proven to be so inspirational that over £600,000 has been created by the teams and invested by WildHearts in microfinance globally. By ‘becoming Entrepreneurs to fund Entrepreneurs’, participants gain a deep experiential knowledge of the transformative power of compassionate entrepreneurship. WildHearts also invest significantly in UK education; providing enterprise education, training and events to school pupils across the country and helping young people into employment (more info below). By associating business excellence with economic justice, Micro-Tyco inspires the Leaders Our World Deserves.

To give you an idea of the impact of  Micro-Tyco, please take just seven minutes to watch the short videos below.

Video (2mins) – How Micro-Tyco has revolutionised Deloitte, RBS and Wood Group’s Talent Strategy from the Heads of Talent

Video (2 mins) – How Micro-Tyco helps talent to emerge (Graduate from Talisman Sinopec Energy explains how Micro-Tyco led to her promotion)

Video (1 min) – Ugandan microfinance client whose family’s future has been transformed by her £100 WildHearts microloan

Video (2 min 20) – The impact of Micro-Tyco on School Children (very funny!)

For more information, contact:  Charlie Thornton at Micro-Tyco & WildHearts at or on +44 (0)7792 185754


And the winners are …

Win-WineThe response to our survey of conveyancers was so good that we decided to draw two winners from the hat, not just one.  So CONGRATULATIONS to the two winners of a case of wine each:

  • Leanne Green at DC Law; and,
  • Michael Ross at Advantage Property Lawyers

Thankyou to all who took part and our apologies to those of you who entered but didn’t win this time around.  Your feedback and insights have been very helpful and I’m sure there will be other opportunities in the future.

Crimson Wine Tastings – sign up for the next one.

Crimson Wine Tasting at the Wine Library, July 2014

Some of the wines on test at the Wine Library

I attended another wine tasting with our CRM implementation partners Crimson at another excellent venue – in the atmospheric arch-roofed cellars of the Wine Library in London – last night, which was very pleasant; the third wine tasting event they have run this year and they’ve all been very enjoyable – a great relaxed way to renew contact, meet new people from other practices and get to know each other better.

The farm house cheeses from Philippe Olivier in Boulogne and pates deserve a mention as they are so good.  The proprietor, Peter Prescott who hosted the evening, has been importing them from two generations over the last 26 years that he has been here.  Our French guests were impressed, so this is a place worth visiting for lunch any day if you are working in the area.  Check it out.

They have all been very different but equally enjoyable at:

So please take the opportunity to come along to the next one if you get an invite.  You will enjoy the evening.

In fact, let me know here if you’re interested in coming along to a future wine tasting in your area and I’ll put you on the waiting list.  We want to bring together senior people working in law firms in management, business development, HR and technology.

Not sure just yet when/where the next one will be but it will be after the summer holidays.


Sean McCann – Art to inspire you and your boardroom, not to be missed.

Journey throgh Landscape ExhibitionI’ve just come back from an exhibition displaying the work of Sean McCann at the Williamson Art Gallery & Museum, which made a big impact on me and others attending – even including my 13 year old son who began to appreciate for the first time what it takes to produce this quality of work.  With the artist’s agreement, I considered including some images from the 53 paintings on display here, but realised that photos just can’t do them justice.

This collection of landscape paintings has to be seen first hand to be fully appreciated. So if you’re anywhere near Liverpool, Birkenhead and the Wirral, I recommend dropping in here for half an hour to take a look.

This will brighten your day!


Journeys Through Landscape Exhibition - Sean McCann Sean McCann - Journey through Landscapes 5 Sean McCann - Journey through Landscapes 2 Sean McCann - Journey through Landscapes  3 Sean McCann - Journey through Landscapes 4