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Richard Susskind on "The End of Lawyers?" – Legal Week Interview

If your partners need to be nudged out of complacency and into action, invite them to watch this interview.  Without emotion, Richard Susskind discusses how technology and changes in the legal market will transform the way in which legal services will be delivered in the near future; from clients grouping together to share knowledge, to e-learning, intelligent automated document production and processes … and more.  It may help you convince them that more innovative thinking and dedication to improvements in use of IT are essential for the survival of most legal firms – to help them apply their minds to new ways of working in response to his comments …

“We must find better ways …. the golden era is over … I’ve been saying it for years … External investors are not just interested in low value work … A third of the top 50 firms will respond innovatively; two-thirds will really struggle … New ways of working will become commonplace.  You need more for less … efficiency strategy … collaboration strategy amongst clients … see … In the 70’s we could project ahead 25 years, … now we can’t predict with any certainty what it will all look like in 25 years, but it will be very, very different.”

CLICK HERE: Watch the excellent Legal Week Video Interview

Sections here cover Richard’s views on:

  1. Law firm management – new approaches for the future
  2. Innovation and R&D – rethinking the delivery of legal services
  3. Change management for clients – new ways of working
  4. Market competition and external investment
  5. Collaboration – more for less
  6. Developments in technology to support risk management
  7. Implications of emerging technologies for access of justice
  8. Future trends and opportunities for lawyer