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Update from the SRA on the move to OFR and ABS

Any lawyers and managers involved in any aspect of developing a legal practice should find this extensive overview of where we stand on OFR and ABS helpful; an informative and enlightening review from Charles Plant, Chair of the SRA, given in November 2010 which covers key issues and actions being taken on introducing these new initiatives.  There is a lot here about the rationale for some of the important measures and next steps to work through remaining issues. 

Read the article online here or you can also download a pdf here, which will let you read and digest over the Christmas period if you can find the time.

Key areas covered:

  • Useful summary of where we are up to; the 3 generic ABS modules; particular issues in the MDP model and steps to address
  • SRA’s objective to be sole regulator of ABSs – level playing field
  • Retaining elements of established compliance procedures; transition to and from ABS; attack on poor, unregulated providers of non-reserved legal services
  • SRA regulation of providers of non-reserved legal services within an ABS – NOT exclusion of non-regulated services from SRA role. Section 69 order to amend legislation – how being progressed with LSB
  • Compensation fund – apply to all as an interim measure; charge investigations to defaulting businesses
  • Roles of COLP and COPA (formerly HOLP and HOFA) maybe one person – all regulated organisations, not just ABS
  • Impact of external ownership and potential conflicts; ABS requirement – systems to identify potential conflicts
  • Criteria for refusal of applications for authorisation as an ABS; conditions, suspension and revocation of ABS authorisation
  • Guarding against pre-emptive ABSs – conditional contracts; timescales – on target?

Allan Carton

Microsoft reaching deeper into legal practices

Click on the images below to watch two informative videos from Microsoft, which cover a lot of ground, presented from the US, but it’s happening in the UK too.  They show you some of the innovative tools that more lawyers could be adopting to support their efforts to improve internal operations and to develop stronger relationships with clients, business partners and introducers of business.

If you don’t have Microsoft Silverlight installed on your PC, there is an option to view this as a .wmv file

Allan Carton