Monthly Archives: October 2011

How good to not fret about IT – today's experience

I just got back to the office before lunchtime today to find that I couldn’t access our CRM system, which sits pretty much at the centre of our business, but is hosted off site with all the rest of our applications.  Inconvenient, but I can relax because I know there is a team already working on it.  More resource with more expertise and clout with suppliers to address this problem than we could ever expect to muster with an in-house team. The interim report back …

“HP are continuing to work with our engineers on this issue.  Essentially … [outline of the problems] … there are two lines of work being conducted to restore services as soon as possible for each customer.  We have an HP engineer on site and two HP engineers who are known as HP best dialled into the SAN from Japan and The Netherlands.  These engineers can see what is causing the [problem] and are working through three steps to try and bring the drives back on line …  in parallel we have a separate team of our own infrastructure engineers who are configuring a new file cluster and have initiated [ outline of steps being taken as a fallback].”

We all know IT breaks sometimes – so how good it is to be able to relax and know that I can be assured it’s going to be  up and running again within a reasonable time.  The issues and resolution may not be as straightforward as they suggest, but they have a big incentive to get this all fixed very quickly

I’ve got plenty more work and business to get on with, so that’s enough for me and I don’t need to fret!

Allan Carton