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Legal Process Outsourcing (LPO) – first steps?

When it comes to outsourcing legal process, I suspect there’s a misconception of what is actually being outsourced to third parties.  Much of what I see being outsourced is legal administration work – the routine and mundane work that lawyers really don’t want to do; discrete parts of the process, not the whole process itself. 

A couple of examples – in clinical negligence work, there tends to be a huge amount of documents, where it helps the lawyer to have the notes summarised into a concise document they can digest quickly to identify and reference key facts and issues.  There are also wider opportunities to deal more effectively with e-discovery of documents – where data held in multiple formats (from paper to electronic) can readily be searched, compiled, indexed etc to make all the information and evidence more readily accessible to the lawyers.

Both of these examples improve the process and the ability of lawyers at all levels to focus on getting the legal advice right – also reducing the cost of doing the job. 

Lawyers should be looking harder at every opportunity to improve the way they work to home in on more opportunities like these. For now, there should be more focus on the specifics of legal administration components of legal process to decide what can really be outsourced to benefit everyone involved.  Maybe establish a relationship with a legal process outsourcing company by doing some of this (or just transcription – as many have done) for starters to establish a collaborative relationship … and work with them from there?

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Admiral consider ABS options following referral fee ban. No surprise there then!

FTSE100 insurer Admiral is considering a move into the legal sector following the ban on personal injury referral fees by the Ministry of Justice (MoJ) earlier this year. 

The Cardiff-based insurer’s shares dropped by more than 4 per cent as investors recoiled following the MoJ’s outright ban, which is expected to come into force next year. Currently, around 5.6 per cent of Admiral’s profits derive from referral fees.  It is understood that the insurer is looking at establishing an umbrella personal injury firm or becoming a majority investor in one. 

The Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) will begin to accept applications for ABSs in January.  A spokesperson for Admiral declined to comment on the plans.

Courtesy of The Lawyer