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Winmark Survey 2012 – the right strategic priority, but is a boost needed to keep up the momentum?

Do you agree on business priorities with the 96 UK General Counsel and Legal Directors and 49 Managing Partners, CEOs and COOs who took part in Winmark’s Looking Glass Report 2012?  We see a challenge that many legal practices are failing to address effectively at the heart of most strategies on the Number 1 priority.  Does your practice need a boost to keep client relationship initiatives moving, or to re-engage your people? 

No surprise that client service is top of the agenda, but how many law firms are struggling to give lawyers a broader perspective on what client relationships should look and feel like.  It’s time to take a step back with many clients to take a fresh look at how a different kind or relationship could work better for them.  That often involves IT now to improve communications and integration, improve processes etc.  But how many IT people get to meet clients?  And how many lawyers talk about IT and integration when they meet the client?   A more structure and shared approach to exploring and building relationships is needed, driven by a better understanding of the client’s business and what keeps the CEO or FD awake at night.

But are lawyers able to keep up the momentum on the changes that have to be made in minds, hearts and in practice to “walk the talk” on client service?  These stats suggest maybe not.  Although there is a 10% increase in firms wanting to get a better understanding of clients’ businesses, initiatives that focus on all other areas involved in putting this into practice have slowed …. apart from entertainment!

Working as a catalyst for change and innovation, our client and introducer opportunity reviews enable lawyers to open up a different discussion with key clients and provide the most powerful feedback (from the clients who pay the bills) to help lawyers recognise where a different approach will produce more and better business.  More information here.

The other big shift is in activity on mergers and acquisitions where there is

You can download the full Winmark Looking Glass report here.

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