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Masterclass – Legal IT for the Non-Technical Manager

Understanding technology is critical to how law firms can adapt and respond to meet the new demands of clients who want more value for less money; particularly with the increasing variety of legal services options available to choose from.

6 business-relevant CPD points for lawyers involved in management

Lawyers and managers in law firms now need to work hand-in-hand with IT to find new and better ways to improve and support legal services; then to work together to introduce new solutions to capitalise on the significant advances in technology that can open up many new and better options in delivering legal services.  This advanced level seminar will give you the opportunity to leap ahead of many competitors not yet prepared to take up the challenges and opportunities that technology can present.  Presented in layman’s terms, this master class will enable non-technical lawyers and managers to:

  • Evaluate and improve the performance of the current IT team;
  • Communicate more effectively with the IT team to improve results and shorten development time
  • Recognise and develop new opportunities where IT can add value
  • Review your IT strategy and its alignment with business strategy
  • Pre-empt obstacles in planning how best to introduce new IT supported initiatives
  • Work with and develop the right technology and IT team
  • Focus on outcomes – what solutions technology can support and deliver
  • Bridge the gap to integrate legal skills effectively with the IT team.
  • Integrate your IT team into a broader business development function

Who should attend: Heads of Departments, Managing Partners, Senior Partners, Practice Managers, Practice Directors, Business Development and other managers or anyone else with responsibility for ensuring continued improvement in the delivery of services, performance and productivity of fee earners in law firms.

What You Will Learn:  This seminar will cover the following topics:

  • Why the frustration with IT? – strategies, alignment of the business, piecemeal development, issues with suppliers and more;
  • Impact of New Business Drivers on IT – mergers/acquisitions, the role of IT, implications of external investment, secure hosted, cloud and managed IT solutions, demand for legal knowledge;
  • Key technology developments – Opportunities;
  • New priorities lining up – ISO 27001 – data security;
  • The Changing role of the IT team – managing the IT function, business development, recruiting the right team, focus on business process, understanding outsourcing, practical project management;
  • Redefining IT strategy into practice – where to start? Key components – infrastructure and applications, management information, CRM, workflow;
  • Getting focused on the best IT opportunities (practical exercise) – barriers and obstacles and how to address them and much more.

Presenter: Allan Carton Solicitor, MBA, MD at Inpractice UK. Inpractice UK is a multidisciplinary team of specialist consultants working with a wide variety of legal practices to develop new business opportunities, where most initiatives, that range from HR and IT to client experience management, benefit from the more effective development of IT introduced in this seminar.

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Sole practitioner red squirrel strategies

I liked this comment from Mike Massen of Gartons on LinkedIn today in a discussion about whether there is still a place for sole practitioners on the High Street.

“… make like the red squirrel.  Go and live where there is sufficient protein to live and thrive but not enough to attract the interest of the grey squirrel.”

The analogy works for me.  Take control, get a plan for survival that takes account of your environment.  Think red squirrel.

Allan Carton