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Get your timing right for international conference calls, webcons and webinars

Check out and bookmark it for future reference as this tool will come in very handy for you some time soon. 

I guess most of us are dealing more and more with people working in different time zones around the world.  This great free tool helps you to convert times, work out what time it is with all your contacts when you’re trying to set up calls or attend webinars .. and  much more.

NEW Masterclass – How Lean Thinking Lawyers Deliver More for Less

The Rationale – Clients want more for less … and it is possible!

There is little doubt now that commercial and private clients will always want to get better value from their lawyers and to work on the basis of fixed fees where possible.  This is also being reinforced through initiatives led by the MoJ in the UK to impose more control on costs from the outset of cases.  However, this does NOT mean that clients are looking for the cheapest lawyers to handle all their work; they want VALUE.  Cheaper is better for some in some areas – but price is just one factor in assessing value.

So lawyers have to respond … and many are – but it isn’t easy and new methods are needed to make improvements stick.  It’s easy to agree that change is needed, but how do you make it happen?  How do you get the best possible results as quickly as possible?  How do you get buy-in from the people that have to do things differently?

Most lawyers should want to be more in control of exactly how legal services are delivered.  To maintain a sustainable legal business, it is now critical that legal practices focus on improving internal processes, quality of information and communication to improve the quality of contact at every touchpoint and to cut out waste.

We have a team of specialist lean consultants working with law firms now as catalysts to make improvements happen by introducing “lean thinking”.  They all built their experience in other business sectors such as financial services so they can explore and challenge established ways of working objectively and constructively, applying improvement techniques that are new to most lawyers.

Now Mark Greenhouse is running a Masterclass on lean thinking in legal to explore how to get  “the right people, using the most effective processes, at the right time, to deliver value for the client”

Masterclass – How “Lean Thinking” Lawyers can Deliver More for Less

Lean Thinking techniques have been at the heart of numerous successful organisations for manyyears now.  Recently, these continuous improvement techniques have been adopted and adapted by law firms looking to meet the increased demands of clients who want more value for less money; all in shorter timescales. Lawyers and managers are beginning to work hand in hand with Lean experts to uncover the “hidden wastes” in law firms to understand and improve the speed and costs of service delivery.  Once the wastes are exposed and removed, firms can capitalise on their newer agile business to develop new business strategies.

6 business-relevant CPD points for lawyers involved in management

This 1-day masterclass for senior management will give you the opportunity to leap ahead of many competitors not yet prepared to take up the challenges and opportunities that “Lean Thinking” can present.  Presented in layman’s terms, this master class will enable non-technical lawyers and managers to: • Uncover the sources of “hidden wasted” efforts in their business

  • Evaluate and improve the true performance of current processes.
  • Communicate the different processes used by individuals to achieve the same results.
  • Recognise where, removing wasted efforts, through Lean, can add value to all stakeholders.
  • Review your business strategy and decide how shorter times or lower costs can be utilised to win business.
  • Pre-empt implementation issues with new technologies or new processes.
  • Work with the firm to develop the right staff and resourcing strategy.
  • Focus on outcomes – what solutions can the business deliver for clients
  • Enable continuous improvement to be discussed as a business strategy.

Who should attend: Heads of Departments, Managing Partners, Senior Partners, Finance Directors, Practice Managers, Practice Directors, Business Development and other managers or anyone else with responsibility for ensuring continued improvement in the delivery of services, performance and productivity of fee earners in law firms.

What You Will Learn:  This masterclass will cover the following topics:

  • Why your business runs on processes – “it’s just everyone has their own version”
  • Why continuous improvement techniques often “appear” to fail and how to avoid this; the role of understanding financial implications of Lean improvement.
  • What is Lean Thinking? – What is Lean really and what it isn’t.
  • Which Lean techniques to use, when and how – some are more important and effective than others.
  • How Lean and has been adapted from the Manufacturing sector to professional legal practices – removing the barriers to improvement in professional firms.
  • How Lean Management impacts on resourcing, outsourcing and IT decisions.
  • Business Development – the role improvement techniques play in winning more business.
  • Getting focussed – best routes found to begin adopting Lean within your firm.
  • Mergers & Acquisitions – the role of Lean in a newly expanded organisation.

Go here to register your interest in attending a Lean Thinking Masterclass in London or Manchester.