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Employee Engagement – The X Model

This YouTube video from BlessingWhite© is an excellent early introduction to get people within your business beginning to talk about and understand the importance of effective “engagement” throughout your practice.


It provides a simple, meaningful representation to explain what “employee engagement” means; also identifying the various contributors (individuals, managers, and executives) and what they need to do to achieve high levels of engagement throughout the business. They point out two separate ‘strategies’ that intersect to form the ‘X model’:

The organisation pursuing its definition of success, as a whole: For an organisation to achieve success, it needs individuals to work together in performing at their highest level. Increased employee engagement means increased contribution toward achieving the organisation’s goals.

Individuals who are pursuing their own definitions of success: Individual employees have their own goals in terms of career aspirations, values, and work-life needs. Unlike with an organisation, there is no ‘one right answer’ – individuals are all looking for work that works for them and satisfies them personally.

BlessingWhite define full engagement as the intersection between maximum contribution for the organisation and maximum satisfaction for the individual. The challenge is to align individuals to your organisational goals to achieve maximum contribution, while at the same time supporting individual employees’ paths to personal success at work.