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Develop your legal practice using Cloud applications … but get your data security right. You need to anyway!

In the Cloud, walking a tighrope

I recently presented on this topic at the Law Management Section’s Finance & Business Conference, so you can download a copy of the full presentation at the foot of this post.  

The presentation includes screenshots and information on some of the key hosted applications that are helping law firms to implement new initiatives more quickly and effectively than they could do in the past; all of which are worth checking out.

However, there is more to consider to make sure you make the right moves, as discussed below.  If you want to find out more about what solutions and approach might work best for your people and your practice, I’m always happy to have a preliminary discussion about options for free if you call me on 07779 653105 or contact me here.

Lawyers don’t have to wait to “move to the Cloud”; most of you are already there, using online and hosted applications.  There are many good hosted / online tools you can use now to fill gaps in current on-premise systems. Some examples given in here include:

  • Management Information and KPI dashboards
  • Market and Business Intelligence
  • Client Relationship Management (CRM) systems
  • Automated time capture
  • Social media e.g. Linkedin and Twitter
  • Conveyancing searches
  • Microsoft Office 365

We want our clients to use more cloud applications where it makes sense, but there is a quandary …

Using applications “in the Cloud” today means that your people are entering passwords to access data from various locations and more, posing data security risks; often without the IT team really knowing who is using what – and being poorly equipped, funded or supported from the top to implement effective and essential data security systems.  Not a lot of management time has gone into addressing risks here in – I would say – most law firms.

And by the way, the biggest risk to data security, is your own people; not hackers – so you can do something significant about this to reduce the risks.  Using encryption more consistently would be a good start.

When you actually move your IT infrastructure to the Cloud (e.g. moving to a hosted practice management system), it is more likely that data security issues will be considered, but are still not fully addressed in most firms.

However, perhaps we now have the answer?  Because clients are beginning to demand proper data security from their lawyers; and because cybercrime has been recognised as a serious risk for law firms, senior management in law firms are just beginning to invest time and money in data security e.g. to achieve ISO 27001 accreditation.

If that means proper security systems are implemented, then lawyers can get on and use these Cloud applications (which are inherently more secure and reliable than systems running in your office) then get on and use more of these Cloud applications to develop your business … with confidence.

They can help you engage people more quickly and produce results earlier with (almost) “ready to use” systems involving less IT development pain on new initiatives. However, lawyers need to catch up on IT security to do this safely.

DOWNLOAD the presentation here >>

Is engaging your people high on your agenda for 2016? If it is, now is a good time to explore new options that can help you leapfrog competitors.

Employee EngagementIt should be!  Engaging people in what you want to achieve – when there is a lot of change and re-focusing of priorities needed – is a critical area of management where most law firms should be focusing right now …. but where is the best place to start afresh or re-engage? 

Let us help you explore how you can use some tools to make this happen (to keep the momentum going), with confidence.

Senior management in most law firms struggle to engage and develop people and to implement new business development initiatives on target.  Nobody feels they have enough time, but a lot of precious management time and energy is easily wasted through lack of consistent focus on what everyone is trying to achieve.  

The Challenges and the Opportunities for UK Legal practices – READ MORE HERE >>

It could be so very different, with Simitive to help structure and manage engagement, projects and development of people.

People – from the CEO or Managing partner to the office junior – work more effectively if they are helped to understand what they can do to make the best use of their skills and experience – and fill gaps as they become apparent; not having to wait for the next formal appraisal.

Many senior managers are too busy because they feel only they can do all of the jobs they do; eating up every second of the day. That does not make for a sustainable business. Management need to find a way to develop others around them to share the load, contributing more, with sound support to ensure results now and fill the gaps in skills and experience along the way.

Arrange a FREE Demonstration of Simitive for you and your team.

Simitive – developed and implemented successfully in other professional services sectors – provides a framework to support better and more effective, routine engagement of people in all aspects of the work they do;  fee earning, management, projects, personal and business development, mentoring etc.  Transparency and alignment of objectives and tasks enables managers to constantly review progress and provide input when needed, quickly adapting the plan by agreement as things progress.  Internal communication, collaboration and innovation all benefit too.

The Simitive solution comprises 3 key components to add structure to management of your practice:

  • Simitive ObjectivesSimitive Goals & Projects provide interactive, real-time management and monitoring of organisation, team and individual goals, objectives and projects. The system ensures that all organisational, team and individual goals and projects are clearly defined, agreed, visible and up to date, with a clear line of sight upwards and downwards through the whole organisation. Clients using Simitive Goals & Projects report a 20% saving in administration time, a 20% saving in wasted effort and a significant increase in the level of employee engagement on the desired outcomes of the organisation.Simitive Review
  • Simitive Review creates an on-going ‘living review’ that aligns with an individual’s goals and allows a more sophisticated, ongoing and adaptive way to communicate. Users of Simitive Review typically see completion rates increase to over 90%. At the same time the quality of conversations increases with over 85% or reviewees and reviewers reporting significant improvements in the quality and value of their appraisals.
  • Simitive LearningSimitive Learning Management helps law firms manage the SRA’s new competency requirements (that are replacing CPD), providing a real-time learning management platform that engages every individual directly in identifying, agreeing and completing learning and development activities.  It enables you to work together with your people to define what learning activity is required, when, and by whom.  It also chases your staff pro-actively to advise of training required.  Simitive’s Learning Management System (LMS) supports SRA-style behavioural, competency and skills frameworks, providing the platform for talent management and succession planning.

To arrange a demonstration contact Allan Carton on 0161 929 8355 or at