New legal businesses and Conveyancers not investing effectively in technology

Today's ConveyancerTwo recent pieces from Today’s Conveyancer tell part of the story.

New law firms need to introduce more technology sooner.

Effective adoption of technology is crucial to the success of any law firm now; so you’d expect the newest firms would emerge with the most revolutionary technologies and practices. However, it appears these firms actually falling behind within the market, while more established firms are reinventing themselves.

Conveyancers NOT implementing Integration to streamline the work.

A recent survey undertaken by search specialist ETSOS highlighted that only 27% of respondents using a Case Management System (CMS) had their search provider(s) integrated within that system.

These simple integrations not only deliver significant time and efficiency savings, but also generate clear audit trails to help meet compliance requirements, simplify the management of disbursements and provide clear visibility of progress and findings for firms and clients alike.

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