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DOWNLOAD: New Internet Newsletter for Lawyers

Blended LearningThe latest issue of the Internet Newsletter for Lawyers is now published here >>

In this issue

  • Developing People – Allan Carton of Inpractice UK explains how firms can introduce more effective training using e-learning tools and blended learning
  • Marketing – Susan Hallam of Hallam Internet tells us about the recent changes to Google AdWords results
  • Workplace – Chris Bryden and Michael Salter analyse the “snoopers’ charter” regarding employee communications
  • ODR – Graham Ross of Modria alerts us to the new ADR regulations being ignored by online retailers
  • Office applications – Alex Heshmaty of Legal Words explains how Google Apps for Work can benefit office productivity
  • Legal practice – Delia Venables considers the emergence of the new breed of “dispersed” law firms
  • Social media – Nick Holmes walks us through how Twitter works

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Need CPD? – Details of the new Internet for Lawyers CPD 2016 competence courses are now online.

Unique online delivery system for ILM & CMI approved management training

Blended LearningeAlliance Education Centre

Our L&D business partner, eAlliance has just launched an innovative learning and education platform that enables law firms to deliver fully accredited ILM and CMI approved training  qualifications to staff using a partial or fully online service to support delivery of programmes that cover essential personal skills needed in any legal practice:

  • Team Leading (Level 2)
  • Leadership & Management (Levels 3 & 5)
  • Coaching & Management (Levels 3, 5 & 7)

Why is the Education Centre different to a normal Learning Management System (LMS)?

The Education Centre delivers a “qualification in a box”.  It has all the standard features you would expect from a modern LMS, but is uniquely configured to intuitively support the learner’s journey through a qualification programme. It contains online curriculum, learning resources and support materials that have been mapped to qualification units in key business subject areas from team leading to senior executive level.  It equips your trainers and L&D team to:

  • Plan and manage every aspect of a qualification delivery process
  • Give access to quality learning and resource materials, pre-mapped to each unit
  • Provide tutor support materials and tools
  • Host virtual classrooms, online tutorials and social media forums
  • Manage assessments, communication and reporting
  • Support blended or fully virtual delivery models

Supporting Tutors, Training Providers and Businesses

The Education Centre is fully customisable, enabling you to create your own qualification programmes from a range of key subject areas. With a virtual classroom, easy-to-manage assessments and simple communication and reporting features, this system has everything you need to deliver professionally recognised development programmes that will make a real impact on both your people and organisational performance.

Which qualifications do Education Centre Support?

Team Leading:

Leadership & Management

Coaching & Management

To contact eAlliance to request more information or to book a demo – go here.

Busy HR teams are recruiting. Next step – Induction. How do you make sure that you get them on board, keep and develop them?

Every law firm I have talked to over the last 6 months has been looking to recruit more people, so there is a challenge to make sure that new people are inducted effectively when they arrive; but not JUST when they arrive!  Induction and ongoing development has been a big challenge for law firms as long as I can remember.  It has improved but could generally be a lot better.

How do people (HR, the new recruits, the experienced people in your practice) find time; how do they make sure the right things happens and that every recruit gets consistently effective input from all the right places?

It takes time for people to settle in and there is a lot to learn that can’t and shouldn’t all be crammed in only during Week 1.  There should be a structured induction programme that spans week 1, the first quarter, the first 6 months … the first year.

How do you make sure this happens in a busy legal office?

One solution comes from our learning and development (L&D) partners, e-Alliance as an integral part of a pro-active blended approach to learning and development.  Their L&D software platform allows you – for each legal and support role across your practice – to manage your induction processes using our Learning Management System enabling you to:

  1. Identify all the components of induction that is needed
  2. Set a timetable for each to  be completed
  3. Make training available from their existing library of content to your people online.
  4. Incorporate your own material in the programme and timetable
  5. Track and report visually to the new employee, their manager and HR on progress
  6. Plan next steps in their development to achieve the appropriate competences they need
  7. For solicitors; map out development in line with SRA competency requirements to ensure compliance.

Discover how eAlliance can help you improve the efficiency and simplify the delivery and management of every of your staff induction process.  Their Staff Induction Programme has been designed to simplify and join up all aspects of your induction process through a series of easily navigated, online modules which can be accessed from a PC, Laptop or any mobile device.

To find out more call John Baxter on 01787 370735 or email e-Alliance at

Share this – Make it easier for your lawyers to rate their performance and get agreement on how to improve it.

Natwest Benchmarks 2015 Snapshot - Profit per Equity Partner, PEPDownload this free series of slides which condenses the key financial benchmarks identified in NatWest’s 2015 survey of law firms.   Then share them with your fee earners to set achievable expectations and develop a better understanding of the potential improvements that lawyers can influence directly to put more money in their pockets.  The challenge then is to explore and agree how best to do that.

The opening slides introduce the key components that you and your people can pro-actively work on within your practice to improve profitability.

The remainder pull out the comparative numbers for firms of different sizes and levels of performance that enable you to compare your performance with others, highlighting medians that can help fix some measures in the minds of your people.

NatWest Law Firm Financial Benchmark report 2015Good information here to work with that includes:

  • Fees per Fee Earner
  • Fees per Equity Partner
  • Profit as a % of Fees
  • Profit per Equity Partner (PEP)
  • Gearing
  • Fee Earners as a % of total headcount
  • Recorded chargeable hours per fee earner
  • Recovered rate per hour
  • Business Model options
  • Lock-up –  Work in Progress, Debtors and combined (days)
  • Partner capital as % of fees
  • Bank Borrowings as a % of real partner capital
  • Client account balances as a % of fees.

There is a good chance that you will find that your lawyers need more help to understand how the way they work and manage client relationships impacts directly on financial performance – and what they should change to make a difference.  This is an area where we provide powerful training and ongoing support to help you improve the financial performance of your practice.

TO FIND OUT MORE about how we and our business partners can help you to engage your people in more effective financial management of their work, call Allan Carton in confidence to explore what might work best in your particular circumstances. Tel: 07779 653105 or email acarton@inpractice.co.uk

Is engaging your people high on your agenda for 2016? If it is, now is a good time to explore new options that can help you leapfrog competitors.

Employee EngagementIt should be!  Engaging people in what you want to achieve – when there is a lot of change and re-focusing of priorities needed – is a critical area of management where most law firms should be focusing right now …. but where is the best place to start afresh or re-engage? 

Let us help you explore how you can use some tools to make this happen (to keep the momentum going), with confidence.

Senior management in most law firms struggle to engage and develop people and to implement new business development initiatives on target.  Nobody feels they have enough time, but a lot of precious management time and energy is easily wasted through lack of consistent focus on what everyone is trying to achieve.  

The Challenges and the Opportunities for UK Legal practices – READ MORE HERE >>

It could be so very different, with Simitive to help structure and manage engagement, projects and development of people.

People – from the CEO or Managing partner to the office junior – work more effectively if they are helped to understand what they can do to make the best use of their skills and experience – and fill gaps as they become apparent; not having to wait for the next formal appraisal.

Many senior managers are too busy because they feel only they can do all of the jobs they do; eating up every second of the day. That does not make for a sustainable business. Management need to find a way to develop others around them to share the load, contributing more, with sound support to ensure results now and fill the gaps in skills and experience along the way.

Arrange a FREE Demonstration of Simitive for you and your team.

Simitive – developed and implemented successfully in other professional services sectors – provides a framework to support better and more effective, routine engagement of people in all aspects of the work they do;  fee earning, management, projects, personal and business development, mentoring etc.  Transparency and alignment of objectives and tasks enables managers to constantly review progress and provide input when needed, quickly adapting the plan by agreement as things progress.  Internal communication, collaboration and innovation all benefit too.

The Simitive solution comprises 3 key components to add structure to management of your practice:

  • Simitive ObjectivesSimitive Goals & Projects provide interactive, real-time management and monitoring of organisation, team and individual goals, objectives and projects. The system ensures that all organisational, team and individual goals and projects are clearly defined, agreed, visible and up to date, with a clear line of sight upwards and downwards through the whole organisation. Clients using Simitive Goals & Projects report a 20% saving in administration time, a 20% saving in wasted effort and a significant increase in the level of employee engagement on the desired outcomes of the organisation.Simitive Review
  • Simitive Review creates an on-going ‘living review’ that aligns with an individual’s goals and allows a more sophisticated, ongoing and adaptive way to communicate. Users of Simitive Review typically see completion rates increase to over 90%. At the same time the quality of conversations increases with over 85% or reviewees and reviewers reporting significant improvements in the quality and value of their appraisals.
  • Simitive LearningSimitive Learning Management helps law firms manage the SRA’s new competency requirements (that are replacing CPD), providing a real-time learning management platform that engages every individual directly in identifying, agreeing and completing learning and development activities.  It enables you to work together with your people to define what learning activity is required, when, and by whom.  It also chases your staff pro-actively to advise of training required.  Simitive’s Learning Management System (LMS) supports SRA-style behavioural, competency and skills frameworks, providing the platform for talent management and succession planning.

To arrange a demonstration contact Allan Carton on 0161 929 8355 or at acarton@inpractice.co.uk

Engagement on the agenda, but what more help do lawyers need to enable them to drive it … every day

Hearts & Minds BriefingGreat to see a focus on engagement of employees in the current LSN “Hearts & Minds” Briefing that you can download at http://ht.ly/TFUgH

I can’t help feeling though that there’s a lot of focus throughout here on gathering and analysing data, which does of course have significant value,  However, what about equipping the lawyers that manage strategy, teams and projects with the clarity of purpose, skills and tools they need to engage, communicate with and support their people on the job day-in, day-out?

That’s where I see the biggest wins are yet to be made. What do you think?